04 Feb 2018

Colourful fabrics from our showroom and current work

Our favourite photographer, Renske Verwey took photos of some of our new, viagra reviews and not so new fabrics....some of them are showroom staples - some just classic pieces that have to stay.  And a few bright and breezy fabrics that are throws and cushion covers.

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29 Nov 2017

A beautiful home in France

This home in Saint-Paul-de-Vence, in France decorated by London firm Collett Zarzycki Interiors and is featured in the August issue of UK House & Garden.  Our stripped cotton ribbed carpets woven in a very neutral cream are several of this homes rooms.  I do love the interiors and the woven sculpture by Caroline Achaintre

29 Oct 2017

Looking back

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06 Aug 2017

What's been happening in our Studio this month?

Our small studio is able to customise fabrics to a high degree as make fabrics from start to finish.  We were asked to make some very textured, shaggy, bobbly, fringed, colourful cushion covers for a lodge whose decor is always bespoke and often ground breaking....such a fun assignment and the client loved the result. 

We've also been trying out a new carpet design and we'r...Read More

03 Oct 2017

Our Carpet Range

Our carpets are woven in different styles, namely flatpile, ribbed and/or diamond and tufted.  They can be woven in mohair or in stripped cotton.  We also have a small range in raffia, but generally stick to a flatpile weave with this.

Each style looks different and can be made using an undyed, natural colour - known as our chalk mohair; using one colour with natural and then in...Read More

03 Oct 2017

Cecil Skotnes tapestry by Marguerite Stephens, 1965 goes on sale at Strauss & Co.

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From the Strauss Auction Catalogue, Lot No.

"The President Hotel, bounded by Eloff, Plein and De Villiers Streets in Johannesburg, opened in October 1967 and cost its investors then in excess of R7,000,000.  Thankfully, a significant share of the budget was set aside to fund a number of commanding, site...Read More

06 Aug 2017

Fabrics for Life

In this disposable age, it is important to produce responsibily and to manufacture quality goods in the best possible way.  Our products are built for life and not only do they keep you warm, they warm up a room and add an e touch of the bespoke, the hand made and the carefully thought of. 

Renske Verwey a very talented photographer took these photos of some of the rooms in my h...Read More

03 Oct 2017

Farewell Judy Mason

Judy died on 29th December, 2016 at the age of 78.


Judy was a good friend of our studio and although I did not know her very well, her art is very much part of my life and admired and respected every day.  I have always seen her work hanging in Mags' house and have long been fascinated and intrigued by her often unsettling imagery.  Her fascination with hyena an...Read More

09 Mar 2017

Hello 2017

One hopes 2016 will soon be a distant memory, but hard to forget a year like that one.  I'm referring to the global and local events that happened that many of us thought were unthinkable.

Let's hope 2017 provides something more sensible and rational.  There is n...Read More

26 May 2017

It's been quite a year!

Each year is different and brings with it challenges, some which we overcome and some which take a little longer to work around.

We were able to complete some very large carpets, some of the largest we have ever produced.  We ran a weaving course with Glynis Brooke which successfully introduced two new weaver...Read More

10 Nov 2016

A Visit to Merino Country

Deep in the heart of the Karoo you'll find some of South Africa's oldest farms, some dating back to the 1700s where sheep are still being farmed.  On an "educational" visit I was hit with a sudden jolt of reality - farm life is not what it used to be, like so much of our society it has had to transform itself to stay alive; to remain competitive and to pay the bills.

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13 Sep 2016

West Coast Inspirations

A recent 5,500 kilometer road trip to the West Coast of South Africa was a first time destination for me. I had briefly visited Southern parts, but never the Namaqua National Park which straddles a hilly interior and a gritty, beautiful coastline.  The most special part of it, apart from its natural, undisturbed flora, rolling hills and craggy rocky shore, is the complete lack of people. ...Read More

08 Jan 2017

This Week in the Studio

We have been excited about the carpets in production - some are totally new for us and this is always a bit of an adventure.
acheter viagra We work closely with our clients to create a beautiful piece of fabric or rug.  So much of our work is unique and this gives it such kudos, in that you won't see it anywhere else.  Much of our work too...Read More

28 Jul 2016

Winter Colours

We have had an unusually cold winter in balmy Piggs Peak.  People always think our climate is cold amidst high mountains, but truthfully, we are on the edge of the Lowveld and we do not even get a frost.  However, this year parts of South Africa have been beset with snow and the cold winds have blown right in our direction. 

I need no excuse to wrap up warmly and a few layer...Read More

23 May 2016

Don't delay - Visit Lesotho!

While I have visited Lesotho several times, they have always been brief and I have never really considered the absolute beauty and staggering scenery that this small country presents to you.  It is completely incredible.  And I did not manage to see much in a recent short visit, because - it was short - and the weather made sure the views were not altogether available for much of the tim...Read More

06 Aug 2017

Textures in nature

I feel completely invigorated having returned from a short trip to the Kruger Park which involves immersing oneself in looking and observing nature.  It is all about waking up at dawn with the sounds of the birds calling as the sun begins to glow.  The dawn is where the day is at.  This year's drought has enhanced nature...Read More

25 Apr 2016

This Week in the Studio

As always our work is varied as we create fabrics and carpets that are sometimes unique and sometimes fabrics that we have been weaving for decades.  Classics are here to stay.  ...Read More

16 May 2017

Another week of weaving

I have put together some photos of our recent work...varied as always and some of it the increase in the price of mohair....but we'll make it work....Read More

06 Aug 2017

This Week in the Studio

We're weaving carpets this week that require us to spin the colour to make a very specific grey.  It must be an even spin in thickness and colour throughout.  We have put a team of spinners on to this who started a month ago by carefully blending black mohair with chalk to achieve a granite shade of grey.

Once spun, we dyed another colour to us...Read More

16 May 2017

A Visit to the Falklands

Of course I have to justify a visit to the Falklands as a "work"trip and I almost can because I encountered and learned a little about the Falklands sheep and even bottle fed a lamb.

The Falklands consists of two main islands East & West Falkland and are surrounded by about 700 smaller islets some inhabited and some not.  The combined land mass is approximately the size of Wales.&n...Read More

06 Aug 2017

Our Christmas Holiday Schedule

We have closed our weaving studio until 18th January, 2016 for our holidays.

Our shop outside Piggs Peak remains open throughout the period but will be closed on 25th December and 1st January.  The shop opens daily at 08h30 and closes at 16h30.  We'l...Read More

24 May 2017

A look back at 2015

Since we close our office on 11th December, 2015 I don't think it is too soon to look back.  It has been a busy year for us - we have completed some of the largest individual carpets that we have ever been commissioned to weave, and have seen a real demand for authentic, ethical woven fabrics. 

We worked with some prestigious international design studios and have supplied our car...Read More

23 Nov 2015

What's happening in our Studio?

There's always something going on! Whether it is extra large cotton carpets are finely details raffia striped cushions....we're busy with them. We mainly work to order on commissions that involve bespoke pieces, but happily are always trying out a variety of combinations for our small shop which is located in Piggs Peak.   Maria Dludlu is pictured with her striped mohair designs whi...Read More

06 Aug 2017

The beautiful Angora goat. The Provider of Mohair!

South Africa is the primary producer of mohair in the world, accounting for more than 60% of the crop, all coming from a small area in the Karoo (Eastern Cape of South Africa). The ancestors of the Angora goat (from which mohair comes) hail from Tibet, but these goats found their way to Turkey where the Anatolians refined their breeding and created beautiful textiles from this ma...Read More

28 Oct 2015

The Blues

Almost nothing, as far as I am concerned, goes together like blue and white.  Having just returned from a beach holiday, and while trying to endure a heatwave I thought I would try to cool myself down with some images of work we have done with the classic moody blues...of course a touch of red is permitted.

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02 Feb 2017

Some of our recent work

We continue to undertake commissions for bespoke hand woven carpets of all sizes.  We have recently completed some of the largest carpets ever commissioned which included a collection woven for a private London home in pale beiges, creams and greys.  It's wonderful to have consistency in floor treatments so throughout the home

23 May 2017

The Swazi Reed Dance

Monday is a holiday in Swaziland in honour of the culmination of the week long event: the Umhlanga/Swazi Reed Dance.  The date is usually around the end of August, but is based on ancesteral astrology, so is not announced until quite late.  I have attended this spectacle as a spectator a few times and have always been impressed by the careful adherence to culture and the pride display...Read More

24 May 2017

100% Design, South Africa 2015

This year's 100% Design was an exciting blend of colour, huge diversity (no one type of look), quite botanical and just a lovely mix of things.

Perhaps because I was not participating I enjoyed being a spectator and had time to browse and talk to exhibitors and appreciate the effort made for the show.

My favourite stands/installations were:

Helon Melon - such...Read More

24 Jul 2015

Talking About Curtains

Apropos my previous rant about Ms Stewart's unfortunate lack of curtaining in her country house I thought I would put together a little Curtain Call. Not all Coral Stephens' product used, but just want to illustrate the ripple effect of a curtain in a room. So often the element that brings it all together.

Curtain away people.

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19 Nov 2016

Curtains are Cool

I was thrilled to find that the latest issue of Architectural Digest featured Martha Stewart's "Skylands" home on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It is an historical home, built in the 1920s out of hand hewn stone and it overlooks Seal Harbour. Having visited Maine and Mount Desert Island a few years ago I know the intense beauty of the landscape.  Set next to a coastal nature reserve full o...Read More

24 May 2017

Creating Comfort: Part II

What makes us connect with an interior? What leaves us cold?

For me, I know that an honest, authentic room that conveys some of the owners' personality, life experience (a photo, an art work, a memento, a throw or cushion cover, a threadbare Persian carpet) is one which rings true with me.

It is an art, getting the right mix: but once it is there the soul of the home is created.&nb...Read More

24 Feb 2017

Creating Comfort

Recently, when on holiday in and around comprar viagra South Africa, and staying in various types of accommodation - mainly in small game reserves, I was struck by how décor can be arranged so successfully on a totally functional, utilitarian basis which creates immediate comfort.  A simple interior is all that is required in a beautiful...Read More

05 Feb 2017

The Joys of an Intern

We were lucky enough to be approached by a student at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, called Natalie Combley who asked us whether she could intern with us for a few weeks before her university course started again in February.  She is studying textile design and is in her final year. 

Natalie took to weaving like the proverbial duck and after ...Read More

13 May 2017

The Open Road

I recently undertook a trip into the heart of mohair country (the Eastern Cape of South Africa), hugged the coast for a while and then into the Northern Karoo, following many back roads: dirt roads, dusty roads, lonely roads and beautiful roads.  Plac...Read More

26 May 2017

Textured Translations: an Exhibition of Tapestries by Marguerite Stephens Tapestry Studio

Art on Paper's exhibition opens today, 14th March and runs until 11th April 2015 at 44 Stanley Road, Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

26 May 2017

The Start of Our Year

Our year tends to start a little slowly, we like to take a long holiday to get the clattering looms out of our ears and enjoy some decent time at home with our families in December and January.  When it is time to come back to work after about 6 weeks we go through an adjustment of sorts.  I begin the year with a thorough dust off and cleaning of my office.  In the time that I have ...Read More

28 Jan 2015

Looking Back: Weekend Flowers

Weekends at home mean a fresh bunch of flowers needs to be picked and placed on a table on my veranda.  I have enjoyed documenting the bounty of blooms from my garden, the forest and fields.  ...Read More

23 Jan 2015

2014 - What a Year it Was

I usually neglect to take stock of a year that has just passed, but not 2014. I am going to make this a regular habit and document some of the special events, discoveries and experiences we had as a Studio.

We participated in Design Indaba in February partnering with our good friend, Amanda Du Plessis at Evolution. Always a buzz and a thrill to participate in a platform such as this, Ca...Read More

30 Oct 2014

A New Geometric Carpet Weave

While playing around with patterns we use all the time, the ribbed weave and the diamond pattern: we combined the two to create a geometric pattern which constantly plays tricks on your eyes! ...Read More

30 Oct 2014

This week in the Studio

It's been a busy week starting with a visit from a group of women in a photographic tour of craft businesses in Swaziland organised by Nest.  Nest ( is an organisation that "partners with the world's most promising emerging artisans to promote peace and prosperity through sustainable business development".  So, we're in extremely good ...Read More

01 Oct 2014

Doorways of Gozo and Malta

During a recent trip to Malta and Gozo I loved seeing the faded, weathered and soft colours of doorways and window shutters, of quarried stone and smoothed marble.  These cool colours are the perfect foil for the hot sun and intensely blue sky. Tranquil and cool and some inspiring colours, especially for mohair curtaining colours....a real Duck Egg blue - hard to achiev...Read More

09 Oct 2014

100% Design, South Afrrica

We were thrilled to partner our friends at Evolution for the inaugural showing of 100% Design South Africa, held in Midrand, Johannesburg for five days alongside the well known and popular show, Decorex.  There were a total of 50,000 visitors who came to see the dynamic mix of new and old interior companies, young designers with cutting edge furniture, lighting and really endless products, fa...Read More

20 Aug 2014

Perfect Plaids

We have had such fun revisiting plaid patterns in cotton and mohair.  We designed a collection some time ago that flew off the shelves and decided to weave another run.  They are complex in the visual memories they elicit – they have a tie into comfort, outdoors, adventure, warmth, something from childhood…

20 Aug 2014

Carpets, Cushions, Fabrics

We have been enjoying a creative period as we experiment with some weaving patterns and combine textures and colours.  We have carpet orders in production, which will take us some time to weave and finalise and we are revisiting some of our raffia weaves which clients want to re-order....Read More

20 Aug 2014

This Week In The Studio

The last few months we have been involved in different products – from fluffy tufted mohair carpets to a collection of mohair blankets for a US store.  We are currently working on intricately patterned raffia (used as large room divider panels) and are finalising a carpet order for a home in Bordeaux....Read More

19 Aug 2014

Mohair Cushion Covers

Every now and then we weave a run of striped cushion covers that consist of a myriad of colours in a blending stew of hues…that really are one offs.  I love the unexpectedness of the colour combinations and textures.  There are some natural greys, ochres and golds.  Plus a little rosy pink and pale blue to add to the mix....Read More