A Piece of the Past

Weavers are generally a very adventurous lot, well, they love trying out different things - specifically different yarns and textures and there is always the opportunity to put one's own fingerprint on one's work. My mother-in-law was recently given a mohair skirt, made from Coral Stephens's handspun and dyed mohair, but woven by a weaver called Essie Greenwood who had a shop in Johannesburg in the 1960s. It was called Green Clogs. She wove the yarn into fabric for a skirt - using the colour carefully and the repeated thick texture too. There was some left over fabric which I made into a cushion cover. The skirt must have scratched on the skin and only been wearable with a petticoat - so

Wall of Fame

Our nice neutral wall next to our Studio provides the perfect backdrop for highlighting some of our blankets, shawls and scarves. I have, over the years placed some of my favourite pieces together in a "group photo" and always love the way the colour pops and the combinations somehow always work. Here's a small portfolio of some of the many varied patterns.