July 2018 House & Garden

A London home by interior decorator, Hubert Zandberg features our grey tufted mohair carpet. Woven using a blocked design featuring rectangular sections of plain carpet weave, it is striking and plush in look and feel.

Choose your Curtains Carefully...and Enjoy Them for a Lifetime

Mohair curtaining is our original product, mohair is ideally suited to curtaining for many reasons: Once woven, it drapes well, it has a good density and holds its shape perfectly if made well by ta skilled and hopefully reputable curtain-maker. Mohair has a lustre and sheen and looks like a silk when hung. It is reflective and picks up colours from its surroundings - on a grey day, curtaining might appear a different colour to a bright sunny day. This moodiness of the fabric is intruiging and keeps it alive and interesting. Mohair dyes very well and can carry a very intense colour, like a vibrant yellow or an acid green, vigorously. Hand dyeing also results in colour variations which giv