Cotton brights

Cotton is something we use for our blankets and throws, we source it from a spinning factory in Standerton, South Africa. It is beautiful cotton and dyes well. It is strong and soft and we use it for many applications (cushion covers, blankets, scarves, shawls, table runners). Cotton blankets are machine washable and are durable and wear well. We have a good selection in our shop and make to order (minimum quantities apply.) We ship worldwide and are happy to answer any queries via email at

2019 is here & we're in training...

We opened our studio yesterday and are gearing up towards a busy year beginning with a training course next week with our favourite weaving coach, Glynis Brooke. Glynis comes every year and makes us all very excited with her expertise and ideas. We usually start with some of our new weavers and they are supported by Glynis and it is always rewarding to see how much happens in such a short time. We have worked with some gorgeous patterns and try to incorporate some of it into our work, where we can. We have tried hound's tooth, log cabin and monk's belt variations - which all sound quite confusing but open a whole new world! #training #coach #logcabin #patterns

Approaching a milestone

This year we will be celebrating 70 years as a weaving studio and it provides a good excuse to look back at some of our history. This is the house that Bob built, he came to Swaziland after the Second World War and began working on a forestry project that would ultimately result in the largest manmade forest in the world (at the time). This was in Northern Swaziland, in the Piggs Peak area. Coral had an interest in weaving and brought her loom with ambition and intentions to weave some curtaining for the long-passaged farm house, Boshimela, that they built. She chose to work with mohair, handspun, light and chalky and neutral in colour, and weave them into curtaining fabric, which she did.