William Morris Exhibition

In October I visited Standen House in West Sussex which is part of the National Trust. A magnificent home and garden on a crisp Autumn day. Designed by Philip Webb who was a close friend of William Morris, the interiors became a Morris project. Morris lived from 1834 until 1896. Morris was the founder of the Arts & Crafts Movement in Britain, an artist, writer, poet and textile designer. His company Morris & Co produced all manner of textiles, including hand knotted carpets and silk weaving. His designs became popular and are still being produced to this day, more than 120 years later. He was widely published and wrote imaginative fantasy fictions, and even inspired JRR Tolkien. But he

I never tire of mohair curtaining

My showroom gets an overhaul every now and then. I found myself hanging some vintage Coral Stephens curtains this week, in anticipation of a visit by a group of fibre experts and enthusiasts. The curtains were woven many decades ago, in pure chalk mohair with repeated chunky patterns and textures regularly spaced apart. They are a classic piece and would look completely comfortable in many spaces. Old, new, modern, antique - they can handle it. Mohair curtains bring so much into a room, while they are sophisticated, they are also completely handmade, so there are constant reminders in the slight changes in thickness of handspun yarn, the subtle variation in depth of colour - which could c

A Stylish Mohair Carpet

Decorator Hubert Zandberg has used one of our custom made ribbed mohair carpets and some of our mohair throws in the "At Home" collaborative exhibition with @themesandvariations in London. It runs until 20th December, 2019.