O T H E R  P R O D U C T S 

We weave customised fabric designs from cotton, raffia, mohair or a mix of textures.  Our products include upholstery fabric, cushion covers, blankets and fabric for lampshades.


Currently we do not supply retail outlets and minimum orders apply. 


Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


See below for a small sample of some of the products we have created for our clients specifications:

R A F F I A 

We weave a range of raffia fabrics which are used for upholstery, cushion covers and even wall covering fabric.

Raffia is used in a number of ways - it can be finely stripped and woven on its' own or combined with cotton to create a completely different look.  Raffia can be used for light upholstery (headboards, ottomans, lampshades) but will fade in bright light.