Our Production Process: Mohair

We are absolutely dedicated to the traditional hand-intensive techniques used for generations before us; these techniques are gentler on the fleece helping to keep the individual hair fibres smooth and lustrous, creating the finest, softest and glossiest mohair.  


Separating, plucking, and carding mohair

Mohair is firstly separated by hand, plucking out any foreign materials that shouldn't be there. The mohair is then carded by hand, which means brushing it repeatedly between two wire-bristle paddles to gently smooth out the fibres, ready for spinning. This process also helps to lock air between the fibres making it more insulating and lighter.


Next the mohair is spun on a spinning wheel, this converts the carded mohair fleece to yarn.  The lustre of the mohair is enhanced by a softer twist in the fleece when spinning which allows light to bounce off more fibre surfaces, producing a rich halo glow effect.


he Dyeing is done by hand over wood fired pots using sample recipes to achieve a consistency.  Mohair dyes well but can vary in shade and intensity within and between dye batches.  We cannot guarantee perfectly matched colours and shade tolerance is required because hand dyeing will always offer variations due to the nature of hand dyeing.   Moth proofing formula is added during the dyeing process.

Weaving and finishing

Weaving can begin once the loom has been prepared and once complete the fabric is finished by a team and prepare for delivery.