Mohair Curtaining

Coral Stephens was founded on mohair curtaining. It is our speciality and passion, and as always follows an entirely hand made process, from spinning and dyeing to weaving.

Mohair yarn is ideal for curtaining: it has a good weight but remains light, looks sophisticated, drapes well, and has a silken sheen and luster which a synthetic fabric cannot achieve. Whether dyed in a rich, plain colour or left in its natural chalk state, it performs beautifully. It is also highly durable and being an organic fiber is an excellent insulator, and will add depth and beauty to any room. Hand spinning brings a subtle edge to the fabric as it creates a unique flow and feel which can never be replicated in any other way.

Mohair is woven in a standard fine yarn, but different plies and thicknesses can be incorporated into the weave to create variations in texture. Colour can be matched to suit a room scheme, and pattern using one or several colours can be woven.

Curtaining should be made up by a reputable curtain maker and requires lining if in a light or sunny position. Dry clean infrequently. Already moth proofed. We can supply in cut lengths/drops or on a roll.