Shawls & Scarves

We produce a small line of shawls and scarves made from mohair, cotton and silk. We are developing a range which incorporates a wider variety of textures, and will be updating the website as we go.

Each yarn creates a different look and feel to the garment. Mohair shawls are even versatile enough also to be used as a bed runner or décor accessory. Silk is glamorous and gleaming and very special in our world - we only buy small quantities of Mulberry silk due to the cost and spin it by hand. Cotton is casual and light and is ideal for a wrap.

Silk is available in a small range of colours (Cranberry, Khaki, Natural, Chocolate, Cloud) and every so often we add a few new colous. Generally we keep silk in solid colours but special orders may be requested.Both mohair and silk shawls and scarves can be fringed, or hemmed.