Mohair Carpets

Mohair carpets are woven in either the flat pile, ribbed or tufted style. Each type of style has various colour options, using one or more or keeping it in natural, undyed “chalk” mohair.

Mohair is hand spun and dyed and makes for a highly durable, stain resistant and beautiful looking rug. They are made to last. Tufted carpets become silky and soft with age and can last fifty years or more.

Mohair is easy to care for (brush with a soft brush), and it is a naturally stain resistant fabric and very soft underfoot.

All carpets are custom-made to order in consultation with decorator or owner. A polycotton warp is used for strength and we generally weave on an ecru colour warp, but can use black, dark brown or a striped warp.

Carpets are finished with a fringe, or hemmed.