100% Design, South Afrrica

We were thrilled to partner our friends at Evolution for the inaugural showing of 100% Design South Africa, held in Midrand, Johannesburg for five days alongside the well known and popular show, Decorex.  There were a total of 50,000 visitors who came to see the dynamic mix of new and old interior companies, young designers with cutting edge furniture, lighting and really endless products, fabrics, ceramics - all on show.

Evolution and Coral Stephens combined colour and impact with an Evolution printed panel on the back wall framed by Coral Stephens curtains which picked up the golden hues as well as tones of cinnamon, olive and tobacco.  The carpet we designed was redolent of a rippled pool which echoed the back print.  It contained a dark khaki blended with a grey and twisted with a thin streak of bright yellow which appeared and disappeared randomly creating movement and depth along the flow of the carpet.  We stacked up our beautiful mohair floor cushions too and added rich and colourful mohair throws.

We were in good company with GDF Design representing the Meyer Von Weilligh furniture range (which was awarded Best Furniture Design) for the Soussousvlei cracked mud inspired cabinet - a thing of true beauty, Trestle SA next to us who featured such a wonderful talent on the ceramic scene, Frank Nthunya and Bead just further along whose work follows in such a careful hand made tradition.  Sarah Ord's stand stood out for me, being eye catching, bold, irreverent and hugely fun.  I just loved her crazy tiger carpet and use of purple, orange and such impact - plus her warm and approachable personality.  It goes a long way. 

The Long Table was a beautiful creation of a botanically inspired setting - hanging baskets, worn out cupboards, raw wooden slats of tree trunk cutting boards - with the table set with a vast array of ceramics in coppers, browns, mossy greens, duck egg blues in a range of many different shapes and finishes.  My favourite was the jug featuring a cows head with a spout as a mouth and two large horns on the sides.  Regret not buying one, but the memory of it is good. 

After five intense days we packed up (in about five minutes) and felt thoroughly good about the days and time spent.  I met some great people, even reunited with a very old friend and connected with many of the exciting and talented decorators who use our product with great loyalty and aplomb.