The Start of Our Year

Our year tends to start a little slowly, we like to take a long holiday to get the clattering looms out of our ears and enjoy some decent time at home with our families in December and January.  When it is time to come back to work after about 6 weeks we go through an adjustment of sorts.  I begin the year with a thorough dust off and cleaning of my office.  In the time that I have been gone, wasps have usually built ornate nests in the doorways, flying ants have shed their wings in neat piles around my office and my indoor plant has suffered the harshness of sleeping outside and dealing with the elements until I return.  Once the cleaning, archiving, rearranging my drawers and containers for paperclips, elastic bands, pencils and anything else I can think of to sort I really need to START work.

This is the week, we have spent a few weeks carding, spinning, picking and dyeing and looms are now being warped and orders are going on.  Truthfully, I have had a team here from mid January working on an order which they have done quite seamlessly and I have not had to get too involved.  The new stuff starts this week.  We are lucky to have the wonderful energy and absorbing enthusiasm of an intern who is in her final year of a Textile Diploma at the University of Port Elizabeth.  She is with us for three weeks and has a steep but intriguing learning curve ahead of her.  I am sure lots of fresh ideas will present themselves and she will appreciate the way we construct our fabric by learning to do it herself.  She is having her first crack at weaving today.  And the smile on her face is broad.