The Open Road

I recently undertook a trip into the heart of mohair country (the Eastern Cape of South Africa), hugged the coast for a while and then into the Northern Karoo, following many back roads: dirt roads, dusty roads, lonely roads and beautiful roads.  Places like Rosendal, Craddock, Pearston, Jansenville, Klipplaat, Willowmore, Uniondale and Calvinia. Places you could pass in the blink of an eye.  Places that may have seen better days.  Places where a visitor is noticed.  I loved the farm stalls: I returned with a plethora of preserves (grape jam, bottled green figs, apricot jam), a felted hotwater bottle cover with a little sheep shaped in the felt and ripe figs. Uniondale was a beautiful little town, pristine and clean with a few places to eat and buy craft.