Curtains are Cool

I was thrilled to find that the latest issue of Architectural Digest featured Martha Stewart's "Skylands" home on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It is an historical home, built in the 1920s out of hand hewn stone and it overlooks Seal Harbour. Having visited Maine and Mount Desert Island a few years ago I know the intense beauty of the landscape.  Set next to a coastal nature reserve full of rocky crags, picturesque lighthouses, indigenous hard wood forests in a remote and climatically extreme part of the world - I could not wait to see just what Martha had done. I was very underwhelmed. The home is all small paned windows, stone floors and sweeping stairs, large fireplaces - but absolutely no curtains.  The bedrooms are well appointed with plenty of botanical ferns busting out of their pots, conservatory style. But no curtains or window dressings of any shape or form. It is like someone just completely forgot about them.

I instantly hated it.  And it is bothering me. A lot. It must be freezing in that house - or it must have rather large heating bills. Haven't you heard about the energy crisis?  Don't you need some privacy? Don't you need the rooms to gГ©nГ©rique viagra prix be warm and cosy and dimmed against the early morning sun?  Curtains can enhance a room in so many ways - not only aesthetically, but they insulate against the cold, they minimize noise and often they simply complete a room.

Oh Martha.