It's been quite a year!

Each year is different and brings with it challenges, some which we overcome and some which take a little longer to work around.

We were able to complete some very large carpets, some of the largest we have ever produced.  We ran a weaving course with Glynis Brooke which successfully introduced two new weavers to some of the more difficult aspects of weaving, and allowed some of our more experienced weavers to refine and improve their knowledge.

My year started with an inspiring trip to the Falkland Islands which is full of sheep and pristine nature - as well as fascinating pioneering people.  Many of whom have an interest in either sheep or nature, or both.  I found myself bottle feeding dear little lambs and sitting amongst gregarious penguins all in one day.

Travel is good for the mind, heart an soul and I find whenever I return from a trip, I have renewed energy, ideas and happiness. 

Our Studio was busy with diverse orders - many from our loyal clients and some new customers which enjoy the beauty and durability of our product.  We are going to begin 2017 with some exciting work, and look forward to getting back into the office soon (18th January!)

Thank you to all of our customers for your support and orders.