Mohair Blankets

Mohair blankets are woven in plain or striped designs, with or without texture. Being a natural fiber, mohair is an excellent insulator and is light making it an ideal throw or knee rug.  It is seven times warmer than Merino wool and although not supersoft (we do not blend it with any synthetics) - it is the ideal blanket for a cold night.

We stock a wide variety of blankets in our shop and can make to order (although minimum quantities apply). Blankets may be customized to

contain extra texture, thickness and pattern or use a specific combination of colours in prescribed measurements.


TV/Knee Rug 1m wide x 1.50m long
Single 1.30m wide x 2.00m long
Double 1.75m wide x 2.50m long
Bedcover Wider than 1.75m would require a joined blanket, woven in panels and then sewn together. This is suitable for a bed cover.
Warps (fine or thicker options available in selected colours) Black, White, Beige, Rust or Striped (plaid)
Fringe Options Self fringed – slight tied off warp fringe
Hemmed (fringe not visible)
Additional thick or extra thick and textured mohair fringed added