In a modern world hand-made textiles bring a rare element of craftsmanship into our homes. They hint at other ways of life and offer the ultimate convergence of skill, colour, texture and luxury.

Coral Stephens maintains the tradition of hand-woven quality fabrics for use in home, hospitality and commercial décor projects. We weave décor fabrics and carpets made from hand spun mohair, silk, cotton, and raffia. Fabrics are both classic and modern.

Coral Stephens founded her company in 1949 in Piggs Peak, Northern Swaziland. Renown for her alternative and cutting edge treatment of mohair:

colour, texture, and pattern, these fabrics became world famous. Fabric weaving continues in the classic, hand made way. Curtaining, carpets, upholstery, blankets, cushion overs, and throws form part of our collection. Mohair and raffia curtaining, and carpets in plain or mixed weaves are basis of our work.

Fabrics and carpets may be customised according to colour, texture, and design. Collaboration with decorators on specific projects allows unique designs to be created for carpets and curtains and repeated in colour ways, for example: in blankets, upholstery, and lampshade fabric.