This Week in the Studio

We have been excited about the carpets in production - some are totally new for us and this is always a bit of an adventure. acheter viagra We work closely with our clients to create a beautiful piece of fabric or rug.  So much of our work is unique and this gives it such kudos, in that you won't see it anywhere else.  Much of our work too is producing very classic rugs and fabrics which are produced in the exact same way as they have been done for more than 65 years.  

We are always grateful for our work and support.

Winter Colours

We have had an unusually cold winter in balmy Piggs Peak.  People always think our climate is cold amidst high mountains, but truthfully, we are on the edge of the Lowveld and we do not even get a frost.  However, this year parts of South Africa have been beset with snow and the cold winds have blown right in our direction. 

I need no excuse to wrap up warmly and a few layers of blankets is just the trick - be they mohair, wool or even cotton.  Natural fibres provide the best insulation whether layered on your bed or around your neck. 

Don't delay - Visit Lesotho!

While I have visited Lesotho several times, they have always been brief and I have never really considered the absolute beauty and staggering scenery that this small country presents to you.  It is completely incredible.  And I did not manage to see much in a recent short visit, because - it was short - and the weather made sure the views were not altogether available for much of the time. 

Textures in nature

I feel completely invigorated having returned from a short trip to the Kruger Park which involves immersing oneself in looking and observing nature.  It is all about waking up at dawn with the sounds of the birds calling as the sun begins to glow.  The dawn is where the day is at.  This year's drought has enhanced natures colours as they pop forward from a dull background.   Winter, our dry season, is going to be very challenging this year.

This Week in the Studio

We're weaving carpets this week that require us to spin the colour to make a very specific grey.  It must be an even spin in thickness and colour throughout.  We have put a team of spinners on to this who started a month ago by carefully blending black mohair with chalk to achieve a granite shade of grey.

Our Christmas Holiday Schedule

We have closed our weaving studio until 18th January, 2016 for our holidays.

Our shop outside Piggs Peak remains open throughout the period but will be closed on 25th December and 1st January.  The shop opens daily at 08h30 and closes at 16h30.  We'll close a little early on 24th December as transport is usually a little limited for our staff.

Thank you for all the support & see you next year!

A look back at 2015

Since we close our office on 11th December, 2015 I don't think it is too soon to look back.  It has been a busy year for us - we have completed some of the largest individual carpets that we have ever been commissioned to weave, and have seen a real demand for authentic, ethical woven fabrics.