What's happening in our Studio?

There's always something going on! Whether it is extra large cotton carpets are finely details raffia striped cushions....we're busy with them. We mainly work to order on commissions that involve bespoke pieces, but happily are always trying out a variety of combinations for our small shop which is located in Piggs Peak.   Maria Dludlu is pictured with her striped mohair designs which have been made into zipped cushion covers in generous sizes to take full advantage of the bold stripe.

The beautiful Angora goat. The Provider of Mohair!

South Africa is the primary producer of mohair in the world, accounting for more than 60% of the crop, all coming from a small area in the Karoo (Eastern Cape of South Africa). The ancestors of the Angora goat (from which mohair comes) hail from Tibet, but these goats found their way to Turkey where the Anatolians refined their breeding and created beautiful textiles from this magical fleece.

The Blues

Almost nothing, as far as I am concerned, goes together like blue and white.  Having just returned from a beach holiday, and while trying to endure a heatwave I thought I would try to cool myself down with some images of work we have done with the classic moody blues...of course a touch of red is permitted.

Some of our recent work

We continue to undertake commissions for bespoke hand woven carpets of all sizes.  We have recently completed some of the largest carpets ever commissioned which included a collection woven for a private London home in pale beiges, creams and greys.  It's wonderful to have consistency in floor treatments so throughout the home https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra-en-ligne-sans-ordonnance/ woven carpets in different textures and shades will appear. 

The Swazi Reed Dance

Monday is a holiday in Swaziland in honour of the culmination of the week long event: the Umhlanga/Swazi Reed Dance.  The date is usually around the end of August, but is based on ancesteral astrology, so is not announced until quite late.  I have attended this spectacle as a spectator a few times and have always been impressed by the careful adherence to culture and the pride displayed by the attendees.  The atmosphere is electric, and the sheer number of people celebrating their culture with pride and pagaentry is a sight.  Although this ceremony only dates back to the 1940s it emcompasse

100% Design, South Africa 2015

This year's 100% Design was an exciting blend of colour, huge diversity (no one type of look), quite botanical and just a lovely mix of things.

Perhaps because I was not participating I enjoyed being a spectator and had time to browse and talk to exhibitors and appreciate the effort made for the show.

My favourite stands/installations were:

Talking About Curtains

Apropos my previous rant about Ms Stewart's unfortunate lack of curtaining in her country house I thought I would put together a little Curtain Call. Not all Coral Stephens' product used, but just want to illustrate the ripple effect of a curtain in a room. So often the element that brings it all together.

Curtain away people.

Curtains are Cool

I was thrilled to find that the latest issue of Architectural Digest featured Martha Stewart's "Skylands" home on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It is an historical home, built in the 1920s out of hand hewn stone and it overlooks Seal Harbour. Having visited Maine and Mount Desert Island a few years ago I know the intense beauty of the landscape.  Set next to a coastal nature reserve full of rocky crags, picturesque lighthouses, indigenous hard wood forests in a remote and climatically extreme part of the world - I could not wait to see just what Martha had done. I was very underwhelmed.

Creating Comfort

Recently, when on holiday in and around comprar viagra South Africa, and staying in various types of accommodation - mainly in small game reserves, I was struck by how décor can be arranged so successfully on a totally functional, utilitarian basis which creates immediate comfort.  A simple interior is all that is required in a beautiful surrounding.