The Joys of an Intern

We were lucky enough to be approached by a student at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth, called Natalie Combley who asked us whether she could intern with us for a few weeks before her university course started again in February.  She is studying textile design and is in her final year. 

The Open Road

I recently undertook a trip into the heart of mohair country (the Eastern Cape of South Africa), hugged the coast for a while and then into the Northern Karoo, following many back roads: dirt roads, dusty roads, lonely roads and beautiful roads.  Places like Rosendal, Craddock, Pearston, Jansenville, Klipplaat, Willowmore, Uniondale and Calvinia.

The Start of Our Year

Our year tends to start a little slowly, we like to take a long holiday to get the clattering looms out of our ears and enjoy some decent time at home with our families in December and January.  When it is time to come back to work after about 6 weeks we go through an adjustment of sorts.  I begin the year with a thorough dust off and cleaning of my office.  In the time that I have been gone, wasps have usually built ornate nests in the doorways, flying ants have shed their wings in neat piles around my office and my indoor plant has suffered the harshness of sleeping outside and dealing wi