• Murrae Stephens

This week in our studio

Our varied work often presents challenges, like weaving cushions for outdoor areas where fabric needs to hold up to the sun (the harsh African sun). We usually use a soft polycotton which will fade quickly if constantly in the sun, so we looked around for a more robust fabric and found something made in Cape Town that we ordered, stripped, woven and used. We combined it with some twine and cream cotton and it has a rough, frayed look which I like.

We have just completed a large order of very plain cream cotton ribbed and flatpile carpets for a chateau in France and are working on some very busy, colourful, looped and textured curtaining for a private members club in Mayfair, London.

Ours is quite a relentless cycle of production, but each order is unique and requires attention to detail at every step. Only once it is off the loom is it really revealed. Patience, not my strong point, is key.

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