• Murrae Stephens

A Trip to Lesotho

Lesotho is a stunning destination and although I have only ever visited briefly, a more thorough trip is on the cards. It is a land of mountains, breath taking landscape (it makes Swaziland look so pedestrian), waterfalls and extreme cold.

We use some of the Lesotho clip in our handspun mohair and it is always fascinating to see the goats in their natural habitat, being cared for by herdsmen. On the highest mountain top, in the coldest wind, on the mistiest day you will see a herdsman, accompanied by a dog, in his gum boots and Basotho blanket energetically scaling the heights. Really is a sight to behold and appreciate.

There are some fantastic places to stay, it is a safe and easy self-drive destination and very much off the beaten track. Stay at Maliba Lodge and visit Semonkong ("Place of Smoke" highest abseil waterfall in the world). Look out for the ground woodpecker and the spiral aloe.

Maliba Lodge, well worth a stay.

Well cared for dogs seem to be the norm.

Snow scattered on a mountain pass and thick miss meant pea soup.

Shearing in a local shed, all done by hand.

The ground woodpecker, always an exciting sight, they're bigger than I expected.

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