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Choose your Curtains Carefully...and Enjoy Them for a Lifetime

Mohair curtaining is our original product, mohair is ideally suited to curtaining for many reasons:

Once woven, it drapes well, it has a good density and holds its shape perfectly if made well by ta skilled and hopefully reputable curtain-maker.

Mohair has a lustre and sheen and looks like a silk when hung. It is reflective and picks up colours from its surroundings - on a grey day, curtaining might appear a different colour to a bright sunny day. This moodiness of the fabric is intruiging and keeps it alive and interesting.

Mohair dyes very well and can carry a very intense colour, like a vibrant yellow or an acid green, vigorously. Hand dyeing also results in colour variations which give the final woven fabric a unique handprint and depth. There is no such thing as a "flat" consistent fabric, it's all about movement and subtle variation. There may be subtle lines of darker and lighter shades within the curtain fabric, if you are looking for a perfectly even and flat, consistent colour, then I am afraid mohair is probably not for you.

We use high quality dyes which have a long lifespan (fabric will maintain colour, provided fabric not exposed to the sun, and lined appropriately).

The natural, undyed shade of mohair, is "chalk" and it is an off-white which also has a classic subtlety to it.

It's always a good idea to line curtains; not only to prevent fading but to preserve the content and strength of the fabric which can be weakened by the sun. The South African sun is especially harsh.

Mohair can be spun in different thicknesses and texture and this can be introduced into the curtaining fabric in many different ways: as a bottom band of pattern, in random lines which break the plain, fine weave and in regular, repeated strips of pattern.

Handwoven curtaining is an investment and one has to think carefully about what colour and/or pattern is going to be suitable for your room. I always recommend something neutral, although I do live with some intensely coloured curtains and in the right room, they will transform it (such as a dining room). A bedroom may be more suited to natural, soothing colours.

Our curtaining fabric will last for decades, so make sure you choose a colour and pattern that you will enjoy for a long time!

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