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2019 is here & we're in training...

We opened our studio yesterday and are gearing up towards a busy year beginning with a training course next week with our favourite weaving coach, Glynis Brooke. Glynis comes every year and makes us all very excited with her expertise and ideas. We usually start with some of our new weavers and they are supported by Glynis and it is always rewarding to see how much happens in such a short time.

We have worked with some gorgeous patterns and try to incorporate some of it into our work, where we can. We have tried hound's tooth, log cabin and monk's belt variations - which all sound quite confusing but open a whole new world!

Log cabin, woven in twine and cotton

Maria and Sesana, looking forward to the morning's lesson

Sesana cuts off her twill variations
Summer & Winter in cotton has lots of potential
Cotton scarf
Graphic patterns with new tie ups
The classic Hound's Tooth, just love it.

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