• Murrae Stephens

Freshly Woven

There's always something special about woven fabrics, especially ones that are built to last, like ours. I am continually amazed at the strength and durability of our rugs, curtaining fabrics and blankets.

We sometimes receive carpets which have been damaged over the years and need some TLC. The carpets, some over 30 years old still retain excellent colour, shape and have worn well and developed a patina that comes with lots of use.

From time to time it is a good idea to switch your curtains around, so that the side facing the sun gets a break. And the stretching that might happen when curtains are drawn also gets changed around. This will ensure a longer lifespan.

Sometimes blankets will get a warp snag which just needs to be put back into place with a needle. Sometimes there will be fluffing and a little shave with a clothes shaver may be needed. Because we are dealing with natural fibres these things happen, and they will ensure you get the best from your fabrics for as long as possible.

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