• Murrae Stephens

A Collaboration with Esra Bosch's Pottery Studio

Every year the Bosch & Eloff family in White River, South Africa get together to host the Three Studio Art Meander. It involves Esra, brother Anton, his wife Hanlie and daughter Nina and neighbour Rene Eloff's ceramic and art studios. This year Esra's studio was packed with colourful pieces and collections in new designs, shades and shapes.

It was brimming with large platters, generous bowls, huge jugs, perfectly proportioned vases and all manner of ceramics making a feast for the eyes.

I had a section of the studio where Coral Stephens throws in cotton, wool and mohair hung and we were well-received by the White River community. Here are a few images of the busy and bustling week. It was great to be part of the show.

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