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  • Murrae Stephens

I never tire of mohair curtaining

My showroom gets an overhaul every now and then. I found myself hanging some vintage Coral Stephens curtains this week, in anticipation of a visit by a group of fibre experts and enthusiasts.

The curtains were woven many decades ago, in pure chalk mohair with repeated chunky patterns and textures regularly spaced apart. They are a classic piece and would look completely comfortable in many spaces. Old, new, modern, antique - they can handle it.

Mohair curtains bring so much into a room, while they are sophisticated, they are also completely handmade, so there are constant reminders in the slight changes in thickness of handspun yarn, the subtle variation in depth of colour - which could come from the hand dyeing process, or simply the uniqueness of the Angora goat who grew the fleece.

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