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  • Murrae Stephens

2020 Done, but will life ever be the same again?

What a year 2020 has been, I can only say we got through it thanks to our loyal clients who have continued supporting us and ordering our products. We have worked on some extraordinary projects and undertaken some of our largest orders, and closed the year finishing out orders, just in time.

2020 and the pandemic has been such a huge life and business lesson for me. I can remember having our first staff meeting in March, trying to explain the impact this could potentially have and then in April when we had to close. This sense of foreboding and not knowing was so unnerving.

We did close for 6 weeks and it provided a good breathing space for all. I was lucky with lots of space around me, no restrictions on walking, exercising and so on. When we were ready to come back to work, we seemed to do so with a sense of appreciation for what we had. We had orders, purpose, work to do. With only 12 staff initially we worked harder than ever, but realised that globally everyone was in this together, and deadlines were now flexible, everything had changed.

Slowly throughout the year, staff came back to work, but we seem to have a new rhythmn, now with the second wave, we have begun 2021 with a smaller staff too. Trying to keep work simple, yet productive.

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