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  • Murrae Stephens

Exploring our Kingdom...

We're working with a pared down studio, things are obviously not the same, there are less people at work as we've asked any susceptible or health compromised people to stay at home. We have a small, but determined staff and we're doing our best to keep up.

It is a strange time, Swaziland has handled the pandemic admirably, there has not been a draconian lockdown as we see in South Africa which has caused small business to suffer catastrophically. Here, tourism has been allowed to continue despite there being no foreign tourists, but at least this means that local people are encouraged to support places, that would otherwise have had no chance.

I have been spending Fridays going on a walk with friends and exploring a little of Swaziland at the same time. Our "backyard" is quite impressive, from walking in unique environments such as Sibebe Rock, Malalotja Reserve to walking with warthogs in Mlilwane, we are spoiled for choice. It's perfectly safe, winter weather is mild and fresh and naturally, it's very quiet.

Lockdown has given us all a chance to reassess many things, and for me, opening up more time for recreation, well-being and exercise has been something I am going to take away from this time.

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