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Homestead Spinning

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we've had to reduce staff coming to work and several of our employees have offered to work at home and host small groups there.

One such group is located nearby to our weaving studio and about 5 spinners and 5 carders meet every day under the trees in the homestead.

In many ways, if the weather is good, which it usually is, in Autumn and winter, this is ideal. Last night was very cold, it's snowing in Lesotho, which is not nearby but the cold front passes through us too. In Summer with lots of rain (although diminishing these days), and heat, means outdoor spinning is not practical or comfortable.

Social distancing is in place, there is plenty of fresh air and no one has to use public transport which is not running at its usual pace (even if it was, it is slow and expensive).

Zanele has made a foot operated hand washing station, people are productive and busy and able to earn a living.

Children, who are still not at school can be properly supervised at home.

The homestead is spotless and heartening to see vegetables being grown, mielies (maize) stacked up, bricks being made out of mud, chickens being kept and people with incentive and energy to keep a level of self sufficiency operational - not only in times like these, but all the time. It may make sense to keep spinning groups at home for a while, seems like it's a good fit.

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