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Some of our work in 2020

We wove one of the largest mohair carpets we've ever attempted, it was vast and beautiful, soft and chalk white, commissioned for a home in the Hamptons.

We also wove a villa-full of rugs for a decorating studio in London, who had tasked us to weave 24 carpets. Different colours, but similar shades that all worked well together.

A client, in Corsica, wanted to replace an old carpet, with exactly the same style of rug, originally woven ten years ago. It was also a huge rug, but turned out well, and good to revisit the pattern.

We tried some new textures, mixing raffia, cotton and mohair together in one carpet which looked very good, and we are working on an expanded range using variations of our ribbed carpet designs.

We have been so fortunate in securing some substantial orders which kept our Studio busy until the last day of work.

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