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  • Murrae Stephens

We've got some blankets for last!

We're getting a collection of beautiful mohair blankets together that can be purchased directly from us. These will be some that are featured. Our Instagram and Facebook pages already have details, but please email me directly if any of these blankets grab your attention.

Naturally, they are all 100% mohair, handspun, dyed and woven.

Mohair blankets are super-warm, excellent for insulation. They are not always the softest, so I always recommend putting them on top of your duvet and layering a little. Very warm as a throw while watching TV or lounging around.

Although we are more than happy to courier overseas, it is costly - but we get excellent rates from DHL - it's definitely worth it for a few items.

In South Africa we can pop it in to a Postnet bag for only R100. It's so easy.

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