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  • Murrae Stephens

Weaving in the time of Corona

We are so grateful to be back at work and are able to get spinning and weaving once more.

Having closed for six weeks due to a nationwide lockdown, Swaziland has sensibly lifted most restrictions and much of the country is back at work. There are still some businesses that are not open (resturants only for takeaways), but if you had to walk into any town, it would look like a normal day, except most people are wearing masks. We have also had a marginal death rate (2) and a small case load (184).

In the area where we are, the north of the country, life has continued with people spending more time in their food gardens and staying near home. Unlike South Africa, Swazis have maintained a close relationship with their land, their own subsistence and growing food. This has been crucial at this time, as minimal, if any, food relief has been available.

Our climate here is mild and heading into Autumn, people are harvesting mielie meal, avocados, guava, citrus and pawpaws are growing and rainfall has been good.

We have great customer orders, so again, fortunate to be able to continue with our work..

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