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  • Murrae Stephens

What's happening in our Studio?

We're always grateful to be busy in our Studio, this year is no different as we continue to work on varied orders of curtaining fabric, carpets and our signature quirky cushions.

Unfortunately due to a severe drought in the Eastern Cape (the world's largest mohair farming area) mohair is under severe pressure. Farmers are struggling to feed their goats - many are unable to cope with the financial demands of this chronic drought and even though there is a continued shortage of mohair and a high demand globally, ultimately it places all of us who use mohair in a difficult position. A price increase has been necessary.

I am always reluctant to deal with another fibre, wool, for me, just does not match up when used in the many products we use for mohair. Although it may make superb upholstery, carpets and curtains simply don't compare. Anyway, we don't weave much upholstery.

Karakul is brittle and harsh, does not have the durability, softness or beauty of mohair - so it has never been an option for me. So, we're committed to mohair and we hope there is some relief for the heartbreaking reality that is happening to the farmers.

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